Restoring the Edge

Every organization begins with a dream and a promise; to be the best, to lead the way, to become the standard… But somehow, as time goes by, the dream gets fuzzy and the promise is compromised. Tradeoffs, unanticipated events, and “market realities” compete for attention and it no longer seems possible to achieve the level of performance originally intended. The “edge” has gone off the organization and things just don’t seem to work the way they used to (or the way initially hoped). Would you like to Restore the Edge? Would you like to reduce operating costs, improve time to market, enhance customer relations, increase market share, and/or improve profitability? Do you want to restore the enthusiasm and the belief within the organization that the original dream and promise are possible? Are you interested in improving your organization’s performance and implementing lasting change?

You’ve heard all the hype before, as each management fad and “tool” came and went; Organizational Development, Team Building, Total Quality Management, Re-engineering, LEAN, Six Sigma, and so on. Many of these produced improvements in selected areas; some long-term, many more temporary. But none of them created the lasting change needed to Restore the Edge.


1. We focus on results; not philosophies and intangibles.

• We don’t give you a set of vague recommendations on a piece of paper.
• Working with you, we define short- and long-term specific and measurable goals and then help you achieve them.

2. We provide an integrative approach.

• While we offer a wide variety of services, everything we do is linked together to create measurable results and permanent change.
• Every activity, every result is focused toward helping you Restore the Edge

3. Our approach is based on who you are and who you want to be.

• We assess your strengths and areas for improvement.
• We customize our approach to meet your needs.

4. We don’t start over. We build on what you have done.

• You don’t have to adapt to us; we adapt to you.
• We use your language, terminology, and systems.

5. We guide you through the dynamics of change.

• We recognize that lasting organizational change is difficult
• We help identify the critical elements in your organization to effectively and permanently Restore the Edge.

6. And finally, we help you become self-sufficient.

• We develop the necessary skills and knowledge in your organization to sustain the improvements.

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